Two-month online course by Dan Hecho of art shooting and post processing, for photographers.

Start of the course at August 17, 2019!
Be ready to open your mind and possibly completely change your view on image taking.
You can expect not just a standard photo course by a normal photo with standard light and composition exercises.
I will open my inner world to you, because photography is the imprint of your personality at one unique moment in the frozen image.
I will try to break your idea about the taking photos.
What do you think, what is important in photography?
- expensive equipment?
- good camera and expensive lenses?
- maybe sharpness?
- and maybe the lack of noise?
- and maybe an assistant with reflectors and additional light?
On my own experience and practical examples, I will show why it is not necessary! How can you do without all of the above and get a great photo!
We will do it together live on my class.

The course consists of five classes and is dedicated to posing, fine work with models, shooting with different types of lighting, also post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. You will know best way of taking pictures of girls and women, how to get real emotions, show the beauty, sensuality and tenderness of models.
English-speaking amateurs, beginners and professional photographers are invited!
Hello friends, my name is Dan Hecho.
I'm fine art photographer since 2007.
I have a huge experience in arranging photography workshops and classes worldwide.
My main activities:
- Fine art and NUDE photography, as creative and commercial from 2007 to the present days
- Teaching photography by genre fine art, art nude, wedding, fashion, portrait, post-processing and color correction in Lightroom and Photoshop photo editors
- 2012-2013 organized more than 100 workshops in more than 60 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova
- 2014-2019 workshops and classes were coming successfully in the following countries:
Brazil, Italy, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Holland, Greece, Bulgaria, Bali, India, Cyprus, Baltic countries, commercial surveys in the USA, Europe and Asia
- More than 2000 people have been trained, they became leading commercial artistic photographers in their regions
- In past, I was also wedding photographer 2007-2015, shot about 200 weddings in the United States and Europe.

Experience and achievements:
• winner of the international competition of wedding photography ASFo 2009;
• winner of the national Russian photo award - 2011/2013 in the "nude" category among professionals
• winner, finalist, prize-winner of the first international Photoshoot awards NUDE-2013,2014,2015,2016 in various categories and nominations
• jury member of Photoshoot awards NUDE-2017/18/19
• member of the jury of the competition of the German Association of Photographers 2014/16
• double gold medalist of TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT awards 2019 in dance category