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REVIEWS about my courses
Hi Dan!

I just finished watching all sections!

It was very well paced and rich with information and great instruction. Every section was valuable. My biggest surprise was your first on theory. Discussing your philosophy and inspiration from classic artists was very interesting. My degree is in graphic design, art not as much. I will now be studying more closely the Renaissance painters to begin.
The shooting section was very helpful your use of natural light and positioning of models. The model directing was great.
Your LR editing is really very clever and I admire your vision... Obviously. Your explanation and use of the LR "color wheel" was a great way of looking at LR. I have completely neglected the camera calibration section in my work.
I also use Imagenomic and NIK plugins. I also use ON1 for similar NIK effects. Now with Google dropping NIK, I'm looking to alternatives but do hope NIK is acquired by someone and continues to be supported. Your work in PS is also very clever. I had been doing far too much in PS the "hard way" while not utilizing LR with the RAW files.
I'll be re-watching all as there was so much useful material. Great job to you, models and crew! Technical glitches did not distract.
I also appreciate your kindness getting me links. I do hope I can get a workshop setup for you here. I am going to try to make the NYC workshop in December.
When I re-watch, I'll pay attention for useful feedback for you. I will say, your skill with directing models was very useful, would like to learn more here. Look forward to the finished video and RAW file to practice with.
Thank you for sharing so much! I'm inspired to shoot, experiment in LR and... study some art history.
I hope there will be more online workshops,
Kind regards,
ps. Your English is great, no problems with that.

Doug Evans
Hello Dan,

I thought that was a great session, even despite the delays. What I liked in particular is that you addressed a wide range of issues, from art theory to technical retouching. I didn't necessarily understand everything the first time, but it really opened my eyes to a lot of issues and I will definitely go back again.
I do plan to purchase some presets and I would also appreciate the RAW file. Please let me know how to access the discount.
And I look forward to the workshop in Barcelona and to any other online events.
Thank you,

Hello Dan,
Apologies for the late feedback, had a busy week.
Your video course was very informative and helpful. I am glad that I purchased it as I have learn useful information from it. :)
Here are my good points:
1. Video quality and audio was good and clear. I am able to listen to what Dan was teaching.
2. Lots of useful information that was shared in the video & cannot be found on the internet!!
3. I like the structure & flow of the video course, from the origins of Art photography to shooting to post-processing. The usage of Telegram to ask questions in real time is good as well.
4. Seeing how Dan works with 3 models was an eye-opener, not many photographers, including myself have work with 3 nude models at the same time.
5. Really appreciate the 3 RAW files for the post-training. Could tell the quality of Pentax camera is really good.
6. The thing about Dan is that even at a master level of photography skills and experience, he is still very humble and is willing to teach and wants his students to improve. Really different from other photographers and this quality makes him stands out.
That is all from me. Looking forward to your next workshop in Asia or your next live video tutorial.
Till then, keep shooting, keep inspiring. :)
Johnny Wang

Johnny Studios
Thank you for bringing your experience as a photographer online to those who are unable to attend your workshops locally. You are without question one of my top 5 photographers that I have yet to meet in person. So of course given the opportunity to take an online lesson from you, there was nothing to think about on whether or not to take this class. That being said, I wanted to take this time to give you my thoughts on your first online experience in a classroom environment.
The workshop started by providing your thoughts on theory and principles behind your photography…which I thought was a great way to open up the lesson. I have watched a few photographers in the past who have taught their classes online. The majority of them never really explained their mindset or thoughts behind their way of photography. Understanding why you shoot the way you shoot your portraits give insight not only to your principles, but it helps when watching you shoot as well as edit your photography in post. It was amazing to see how much of your photography took after the classical paintings of your inspiration. The color, the setup and the overall feeling that is derived from paintings that you love and enjoy shows up so much in your work. Before ever taking your course, the first thing I ever took away from your work as a photographer was the quote, "Don't be afraid to experiment with color, volume and sharpness as they shouldn't be like real life." I loved understanding the principles behind completely erasing the personality of the model when trying to create your own work of art.
Watching you shoot was a great chance to see live what it is you start with before any editing take place. I rather enjoyed watching how you guided the model with such detail including overlooked body parts like fingers and toes…the shapes certain shadows make when created by light…even the shapes created by the body. The live broadcast helped to demonstrate the colors and lighting that you first start with before you ever step foot in Lightroom or Photoshop. I myself was unaware of how many of the colors were already present in your image before Lightroom. Seeing the seeing the light when there is color is very difficult for many including myself. Many times it is not until the photo shoot is over that photographers realize how sub par the lighting is prior to editing. During the shooting portion of your workshop, I took many notes which is something that I normally do not do during lessons.

After getting all the pieces put into place, we finally got to see how the magic takes place within Lightroom and Photoshop. Sing the first two videos of your theory and you're shooting process only made me more eager to watch the processing portion of your Workshop. At first I wanted to skip straight to the processing of your photography, however; skipping your first two videos would have been equivalent to putting frosting on an empty plate and skipping the baking of the cake altogether. It was great to not only watch you create your presets from scratch, but also understand how to use the presets as well.

Thank you.

Demond Óndre