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«FIVE awesome art books by Dan Hecho»
Dear friends, in these books you will plunge into the quintessence of my art, into the world of beauty, grace and harmony.
What is art nude photography to me?
It has nothing to do with eroticism,
it is an admiration for pure beauty.
After all, it is the female body that is the most perfect form of nature and the embodiment of beauty as such.
My work is an expression of my feelings, my admiration for a woman, my love for the world.
I really want you to share this love with me, to be imbued with grace, sensuality and aesthetics of the female body.
These five books contain my best work from the last 10 years of creativity in the fields of art nude and ballet photography.
In them you can find more than 400 unique poses for working with models and use my experience in your practical shooting.
I wish you enjoy viewing my photos and improve your photography skills.

Sincerely, Dan Hecho
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