How to get BLUE-ORANGE tones on your pictures!
13:00 –15:30
January 06 /Saturday
Kiev time
pay only €29 till January06!
About the webinar
You will know:
How to get Blue and Orange tone on your pictures!
How to promote your account in Instagram.
You will get special Christmas gift from Dan Hecho, special package with presets for Lightroom
We will edit following images
Who is this webinar for?
Basic principles to learn color correction and start taking better instagram
Young artists
New photography level to extend your skills and start a professional way
Special tips and hacks to change qualification and understand properties of direction
Lecturer: Dan Hecho
He is a well-known photographer. He has the unique author's handwriting in photography, his work is always easy to find among thousands of others. A distinctive feature is a special vision of color, light and art performances. Main directions of activity in photography: art-projects.

He was born in Ukraine. He received his fine art education. Professional photographer since 2007. From 2010 actively engaged in teaching activities in the field of photography. Developed clear structured method of presenting information, aimed at maximum absorption of knowledge and the development of the creative component of each student. His own workshops, master classes, lectures and photo school was visited by several thousand people, and the disciples are now some of the best photographers in their regions and have successfully built the business by raising their skills to a new level. Also he developed a unique video courses for distance learning.
He is winner of the National Russian Photography Award 2011 in the nude genre and a winner-finalist of the first international Photoshoot awards NUDE-2013/2014/2015/2016, also jury member NUDE - 2017/2018
We will resolve following problems:
Basic instruments of Lightroom.
How to work with basic settings for getting better color on your pictures.
Camera Calibration as a main instrument color correction.
Work with tree main channels for skin tone color correction.
Work with brushes.
How correctly work with brushes in Lightroom for getting perfect body tone.
Instagram promotion
- Top of profile

- Statistics

- Your Avatar

- Making posts

- Hashtags

- Geolocation

- Ways of interacting with the audience
What will you get after the webinar?
We will send you a video of the webinar by e-mail on the next day after the event! It will be also available on our youtube channel! Also you will get special Christmas gift from Dan Hecho, special package with presets for Lightroom.
Pay only €29 till January 06!
January 06 / Saturday, 13:00 –15:30
by Kiev time, just choose your time!
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